Trucks Regulations

What are the HVNL regulations?

HVNL means Heavy Vehicle National Law and they are a bunch of laws that apply to all vehicles that are 4.5 tons and above. Yes, that means it does not apply to all the vehicles that pass by the freeway. You must know what the weight of your vehicle is to know if you must follow those rules or not. The last thing you would want to happen is to get pulled over because of not following some simple rules. Also, they are not that hard to follow anyway so if you get caught not following the rules then you only have yourself to blame for that. There is a part of Australia that enforces the HVNL but not all of it does.

The HVNL is currently under review as the NTC described it as being too complicated to follow. It is a bit long as it currently stands at 676 pages. It also contains 5 regulations so it is something that should be taken seriously. If the HVNL is finally approved by the NTC, it will be enforced throughout Australia. The reason why State Road Regulators enforce the HVNL is that they are familiar with how important it is. They know how good it can be for people out there. They are also concerned with the safety of everyone involved. The last thing they would want to happen is for someone to get into an accident so they are thankful these laws exist.

What classifies as a heavy vehicle?

A vehicle that weighs at least 2.3 kg or 4.5 tons is considered a heavy vehicle immediately. It will be silly if you don’t know the weight of your vehicle. If you are caught not following simple HVNL regulations then you say you don’t know the weight of the vehicle then the police officer may think you stole it. Of course, you should not even think of worrying about the HVNL if you are driving a small vehicle. There is a completely different set of rules for that. Since the vehicle is pretty heavy, it would be virtually impossible for someone to lift it all by himself.

You will feel the difficulties of driving a heavy vehicle when you are used to driving a small vehicle. It is going to take some time to get used to it. If you are just new to it, you must not take it to the freeway yet or you may get into an accident. You must practice a little with it by using it at small roads with little to no vehicles. Once you get the hang of it, then that is when you can take it to the freeway. You will have a lot of fun running at high speed with it once you get comfortable with the controls.

What are the rules to be followed while using freeway for trucks?

One of the basic rules for heavy truck drivers would be to avoid texting while driving. If you need to know the directions to the place you are going to then you can ask the person sitting next to you to do that for you. That would be a lot better than doing it yourself. When you make a sharp curve, don’t forget to signal so the vehicle behind you will know what you are about to do. When the driver knows that, he will give you a lot of space. The driver knows it would not make sense to make a sharp turn at the same time as a heavy truck.

The truth is safe transportation should be practised no matter what the weight of your vehicle is. When you are driving, you can hurt yourself or you can hurt somebody else. Thus, you must always be careful and the first thing to remember would be to always fasten your seat belt. Besides, that rule is for your safety. If you are not wearing your seat belt, then you are making a big mistake. Another rule would be to never drive after having a few alcoholic drinks. No matter how confident you are about your tolerance to alcohol, this is something you should not even think of doing. 

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